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Maximize your real estate prospects with DronePros' expert drone services. Whether it's property assessments, roof inspections, or marketing imagery, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of real estate professionals. Elevate your property listings and provide buyers with unique perspectives through our high-resolution aerial imagery and 3D modeling.

Drones can be effectively utilized to map, model, and measure condos and townhomes, providing valuable insights and enhancing marketing efforts for these residential properties. Here's how drones can be employed for each aspect:


Drones can capture high-resolution aerial imagery of condo and townhome communities, creating comprehensive orthomosaic maps that provide an accurate, bird's-eye view of the entire property. These maps can be used for site planning, landscaping, property management, and marketing purposes. They can also help identify potential maintenance or structural issues and inform decisions about improvements and renovations.


Drones equipped with RTK GPS technology and LIDAR sensors can capture precise measurements and volumetric data of condos and townhomes. This information is invaluable for architects, engineers, and construction professionals involved in the design, renovation, or expansion of these properties. Accurate measurements can help identify potential issues, optimize space utilization, and ensure regulatory compliance with zoning and setback requirements.


Drones can significantly enhance single-family property mapping, modeling, and measuring processes by providing accurate, high-quality aerial data and visuals. Here's how drones can be utilized in each of these aspects:

Drones can be flown over single-family properties to capture high-resolution aerial images and create detailed orthomosaic maps. These maps provide a comprehensive view of the property and its surroundings, which can be valuable for planning landscaping, assessing property boundaries, identifying potential issues, and enhancing marketing materials.



Using advanced photogrammetry techniques, drones can transform aerial images into accurate 3D models of single-family properties. These 3D models can be used to create immersive virtual tours for potential buyers, showcase unique architectural features, and facilitate better communication between homeowners, architects, and contractors during renovation or construction projects.



Drones can accurately capture measurements of single-family properties, including roof dimensions, property boundaries, and volumetric data. This information can be crucial for planning home improvements, calculating material requirements, assessing property value, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Drone-based measurements are faster, safer, and more cost-effective compared to traditional manual methods.

Commercial Project Photography


Drones can be effectively utilized to map, model, and measure high-end luxury properties valued over $1 million by providing unique perspectives, accurate data, and engaging visuals. Here's how:

Drone technology enables the creation of high-resolution aerial maps, which can provide a comprehensive overview of the luxury property and its surroundings. This bird's-eye view allows potential buyers and investors to understand the property's layout, landscape features, and proximity to nearby amenities. Aerial maps can also help property managers and developers with site planning and improvements.



Drones equipped with advanced photogrammetry techniques can generate detailed and interactive 3D models of high-end luxury properties. These 3D models can be used to create virtual tours, allowing potential buyers to explore the property in an immersive manner without physically being present. This saves time and resources and appeals to international buyers and investors who may not be able to visit the property in person.



Drones can capture accurate measurements of the luxury property's dimensions, elevations, and volumetrics. This data can be used to assess the property's overall size, calculate living spaces, and plan for potential renovations or expansions. Accurate measurements also help create realistic visualizations and marketing materials that showcase the property's true value.

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