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Using Drones to Create 3D Models

Now more than ever, 3D models are accessible to almost any project and in any industry. Thisis mainly thanks to drone technology.

While the idea of using drone technology may sound expensive, you do not need to spend an outrageous amount of money to have a 3D model made. All you need to do is contact a Drone Pro, and our company will help you create 3D models to help your project stand out.

Basics of a 3D model

According to Stetson Doggett at Dronegenuity, 3D models are “a three-dimensional representation of an object created by plotting individual points in 3D space on the X, Y, and Z-axis. The points are connected by geometric shapes, such as triangles, lines, or curved surfaces, to form the model.”

The role drones play in creating 3D models

With a basic definition of what 3D models are, it makes sense to then question the role drones play in creating 3D models. Doggett shared valuable insight into how photogrammetry is used to take the pictures from drones and create 3D models.

“The way photogrammetry works is it looks at photos of a subject taken from two or more locations. It uses the different perspectives from the images, along with the location data of where the images were taken, to triangulate the locations of points on the subject.”

The quality and quantity of drone images play a vital role in determining the quality of the 3D model created.

What industries use 3D models

3D models are becoming increasingly popular in a number of industries. The construction industry utilizes 3D models to help plan and track progression on different projects. Creating 3D models with drones allows construction workers and contractors to better plan projects and get the project done more efficiently.

The commercial and residential real estate industry is another industry that utilizes drones and their capabilities to create 3D models. Similar to the construction industry, real estate professionals can use 3D models to track progression on building projects and use these models to find any flaws that need to be addressed with clients.

Along with the real estate and construction industries using drones to create 3D models, Doggett’s article also lists a few other industries that also use drones to create these models. The other industries include:

  • Public safety

  • Agriculture

  • Energy

  • Engineering

  • Insurance

  • Mining

Example of a 3D model created by a Drone Pro

Illustrated above is a 3D model of a quarry created by Drone Pros’ own Grant Fuellenbach.

3D modeling newest service offered at Drone Pros

You guessed it, Drone Pros is now offering 3D model creation as a service. 3D models can significantly enhance any project, especially if they are created by one of our drone professionals. Whether you are in real estate or agriculture, a 3D model will help improve the quality, efficiency, and overall success of your project. Hire a Pro to help create a 3D model that will help you and your team stand out.

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