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Top Home Features to Photograph & Market When Selling a Home

When you are looking to buy or sell a home, there are often a few key features that you should advertise and really have stand out. As a prospective home buyer, you want to be able to envision yourself and/or your family in a home. To envision themselves, buyers look for particular features within homes that will meet their needs and wants. By emphasizing specific features of homes through photography, aerial imagery and marketing, sellers will be better set to list their properties.

According to Than Miller, some of the top features of a home that buyers look at before purchasing include: renovated and updated bathrooms and kitchens, laundry rooms and mud rooms, outdoor areas such as patios, and many more. There are many different types of homebuyers. Some want a fixer-upper project, others want a home that is ready to move in. Using photography to help showcase different features of homes will help draw in the right clientele for that specific property.

Diving deeper into the top home features buyers are looking for

Updated bathrooms and kitchens are at the top of the list according to Miller. It makes sense that many look for homes with updated bathrooms and kitchens, since these are typically two of the most frequently used spaces within a home. Using photography to help showcase these refurbished features within a home can be a huge selling point to potential buyers. By using images and videos to show buyers the different aspects of a home, the buyer will feel like they are in the home and can then envision their life at that property.

Another top feature listed by Miller is open floor plans. Usually when people are looking to buy homes it is with the hope to either increase or decrease the amount of space they have. Images and video of the different layouts and floor plans can really help buyers see if that property is right for them. In addition to having photos and videos, 3D mapping produced by drones also can help buyers visualize the space within a property.

There are two other features mentioned by Miller that are becoming increasingly sought after by buyers today. These include the home's wireless connectivity and capability, along with a home's energy efficiency.

Today, most people use technology in one way or another. This could include the use of cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc. All of these devices use wireless connections to the internet. Having a home with strong wireless connectivity and capabilities is now rising to one of the top sought after features in a home. More so today than ever, people are working from home and need strong wireless connections. Featuring a home with strong wireless connectivity and capabilities is sure to help the home sell faster. This may seem like something difficult to photograph to include with the other images of the home, but there are several different ways to go about it. One common way is to take photos of the different wireless routers within the home to show the strong signals.

Energy efficiency is the other feature of a home that is becoming increasingly important to home buyers. More and more people are beginning to look for houses that will help save energy and money. There are a variety of different ways to save energy, but it may seem difficult to think about how you could actually capture this on camera. Using drones is one way you could showcase different energy saving tactics implemented into the home you are trying to sell. For example, if you had solar panels on top of your roof, a trained drone pilot would be able to capture a lot of images and video footage showcasing the solar panels. This way buyers can see how the home is more energy efficient compared to neighboring homes.

With the two previous up and coming features, there are still some other features that remain especially important to buyers. Laundry rooms and outdoor areas still rank highly on buyers’ lists of things they want in a home. Being able to do your laundry within your own home is a feature many people look for when buying a home, so it is extremely important to photograph and market this part of the house. Depending on the buyer, they may just want/need one washer and dryer, but there are others with larger families that are looking for homes with multiple washers and dryers. By having different images and videos of the laundry room, buyers will be able to gauge whether this room meets their and/or their family’s needs.

Having a space to entertain guests is also very important to potential buyers, so marketing and showcasing any outdoor areas is essential. Since outdoor areas are features that many home buyers are looking for, using a drone to help capture aerial imagery and videography of those areas will help give buyers a different perspective and view of the area that they are not able to see from just touring the home on foot. There are less and less homes that have an outdoor area, so showcasing and marketing a property that has this extra space will definitely draw in potential buyers.

How Drone Pros can help you

The team of FAA certified drone pilots at Drone Pros can help you showcase all aspects of your home that buyers are looking for. We work hard to use cutting edge technology to help your property stand out compared to others on the market. Hiring a pro to help sell your home means you will receive high quality images, videos, and customer service.

The team at Drone Pros will help your listing go above and beyond through:

  • Indoor flythroughs

  • Aerial imagery and videography

  • 3D mapping

  • Ground-based photography and videography

We look forward to working with you to help set your listing apart and showcase the features so many home buyers are looking for.

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