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The Benefits of Drones in the Construction Industry

Drones are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of industries, including construction. There are numerous ways drones can play a role in helping within the construction industry. From safety to 3D map creation, drones bring a new level of strategy to this industry.

Drones allow workers to see things from a different perspective and help identify problems that need to be fixed before the project continues further. On The Balance Small Business website, Rachel Burger writes about some of the various ways drone technology is affecting the construction industry.

Improvements to surveying and project progression

Surveillance of the property is one of the ways Burger lists how drone technology is affecting the construction industry. As mentioned previously, drones allow workers to have a bird’s eye view of the property to better understand the land they are working on. Regular land surveying is often strenuous and time consuming. Using drones can help speed up the surveying process and even create more accurate results with less human error.

Drones also help show a progression of the work being done, which in turn will help draw in future clients. When a client is able to look at previous projects and see the progression shown through videos and images, they will be more likely to put their trust in your business for their projects.

According to an article on Flyability’s website, “Mapping and surveying construction sites can be quite slow when done by walking a site. Drones help speed up these efforts, allowing construction companies to provide real-time maps of progress and surveys that can help them both plan for projects and improve projects that are underway, leading to significant savings.”

Safety advantages of using drones

Increased safety is another huge advantage that comes with using drone technology in construction projects. Drones can help keep an overall eye on what is happening at a construction site. Burger explains, “Whether the drones are used to maintain the safety of employees or to protect the job site from theft or vandalism, they are steadily seeing greater implementation in the construction industry.”

Some drones also have thermal imaging sensors that allow for drones to see what the human eye cannot see. They help to find problematic areas that may have leaks or are unstable. By seeing this early on with a drone, it can save a company a lot of money by avoiding any setbacks in the future, and it can reduce the risk of injury for the construction workers or others.

Drone transportation cutting delivery time significantly

Another way drones are affecting the construction industry is by helping increase the delivery efficiency of materials to and from construction sites. Burger explains that due to the small size of drones, they are able to do a lot of things that larger transportation vehicles are not able to do. Because of their smaller size, it takes less resources and time to get materials from place to place.

How Drone Pros plays a role in the construction industry

Drone Pros is a company that offers services to a variety of industries including construction. There are numerous ways the pilots at Drone Pros can help with construction projects. The different ways drones affect the construction industry listed previously, are also some of the services that Drone Pros provides. The team of FAA certified drone pilots are ready to help with surveying, 3D map creation, surveillance, inspections, and so on.

Let Drone Pros help you improve production, keep people safe, and help save you money.

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