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Recently, Drone Pros helped a new to the market realtor, Jamie Simonis, with her first listing. Simonis is a realtor at C3 Realty in Fort Collins, Colorado. Together, the team at Drone Pros and Simonis were able to create a really unique listing that closed in three days, which is incredibly fast, even for the insanity that is the residential market today. As it was Simonis’ first listing, she was looking for a way to help make a name for herself in the competitive landscape of today’s real estate market. By working with Drone Pros, she was able to do just that by creating higher quality content than other new realtors to the market.

The first step in this process of creating such a unique listing was working together with Drone Pros to create a plan for what she envisioned for the listing. Ultimately, the pilots and Simonis came up with a list of what would help set this listing apart from others. These different drone use cases included:

  • Interior flythrough aerial video

  • Exterior aerial video

  • DSLR and aerial imagery (standard camera and drone-based photography)

  • Five graphics

  • Twilight imagery

Ultimately, on a Sunday three Drone Pros pilots went out to the property to take the aerial and ground-based images and video. One pilot and the founder of Drone Pros, Grant Fuellenbach, explained the process of how to get just the right images and video. When the three pilots first got to the property, they did a walk-through to see where they would be flying the drones then they made sure all the fans and lights were on.

*Drone Pros’ helpful tip* -- Having the fans and lights on helps to make a property appear to be bigger than it actually is.

Once everything appeared in place, the pilots came up with a game plan and started creating the unique content Simonis requested. One pilot handled the interior flythrough while another tackled exterior drone imagery, and the third pilot was in charge of DSLR imagery. All together there were roughly twenty-six images (DSLR and drone) and a final FPV (first-person view flying) video created for Simonis’ listing.

After the physical video and imagery were shot, it was then time to help Simonis promote the listing and help build her brand. The images and video were posted on multiple listing services (MLS) after the team researched the perfect date and time to publish the listing. In addition to the content, Drone Pros helped Simonis build her brand by helping her to connect with her network of people and share the unique listing video and imagery. This was done by sending the video and images via social media, text message and email. By reaching out and sharing the unique work she and Drone Pros had created, she was inspiring others to think about working with her to sell their home and purchase a new one.

Fuellenbach even attested to seeing an uptick in Simonis’ Instagram after posting the drone video of the listing. By working together with Drone Pros to uniquely showcase and promote the listing, not only did the house close in three days, but Simonis began getting a lot of traction online and is now sought out by both potential buyers and sellers. By utilizing drone technology and Drone Pros’ product line of flythroughs, DSLR imagery and video, aerial imagery and video and twilight imagery, Simonis' listing stands out compared to others on the market.

Why drones?

One of the main priorities at Drone Pros is to help our clients create listings that fly above all other listings on the market. By doing this, we are helping build realtor credibility, authenticity and ultimately, their brand.

“This type of content [created by drone usage] is such a phenomenal way to help a net new realtor or broker help build their brand.” --Grant Fuellenbach

Listed below are some statistics that prove drone usage in real estate can help realtors stand out in the market.

In the above graphic, it is apparent the significant role drone usage plays in the real estate industry. These three statistics listed above illustrate how beneficial drone usage is in real estate and how it can help to build up the brands of new agents like Simonis.

Jamie Simonis’ website:

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