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Maximizing Your Brand and Network at GeoWeek Denver: A Must-Attend for Drone Service Providers and Commercial Drone Pilots

GeoWeek is where the geospatial tech world converges, and that includes a rapidly expanding focus on drones and UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems). For Drone Service Providers (DSPs) and commercial drone pilots, GeoWeek isn't just an event; it's a powerful opportunity to launch your brand, expand your network, and propel your drone business forward.

Why Denver? Why GeoWeek?

  • The Location: Denver is a hotbed for aerospace and aviation innovation. Colorado boasts a supportive regulatory environment for UAS development and integration, making it a natural draw for top drone companies.

  • The Conference: GeoWeek brings together experts in surveying, mapping, 3D technologies, and of course, drones. You'll gain insights, forge strategic partnerships, and discover cutting-edge solutions directly impacting your business.

GeoWeek 2024: What Drone Professionals Can Expect

  • Dedicated UAS Exhibits: Explore the latest in drone hardware, software, payloads, and accessories. Connect with top manufacturers and discover what can give your services a competitive edge.

  • UAS-Focused Sessions: Attend seminars and workshops covering regulatory updates, advanced mission planning, data processing techniques, and drone-specific business strategies.

  • Networking Galore: GeoWeek facilitates connections. Rub shoulders with potential clients, industry leaders, and peers who share your passion for commercial drone applications.

  • Discover Emerging Trends: Keep a finger on the pulse of the geospatial world. Explore how drones are transforming industries like construction, infrastructure inspection, energy, and precision agriculture.

  • GeoWeek hosts attendees from diverse industries, including agriculture, construction, environmental monitoring, and more, providing a golden opportunity for drone service providers to connect with potential clients and partners. The event's structured networking sessions and informal meet-ups encourage meaningful conversations and connections.

Tips for Making the Most of GeoWeek as a Drone Service Provider

  1. Define Your Goals: Are you seeking new clients, potential investors, industry experts, or collaborators? Knowing your objectives will streamline your experience.

  2. Perfect Your Pitch: Have a concise and compelling elevator pitch about your drone services. Practice it until it becomes second nature.

  3. Business Cards Galore: Bring plenty, and don't hesitate to use them liberally. Even those informal hallway conversations can lead to exciting opportunities.

  4. Attend All the Socials: GeoWeek hosts numerous networking events and mixers. These are golden moments to mingle and solidify connections.

  5. Leverage Online Resources: Use social media and the official GeoWeek app to identify relevant sessions, exhibitors, and attendees ahead of time.

Drone & UAS Resources to Watch Before GeoWeek

Social Media Hashtags

Ready to Take Flight?

GeoWeek 2024 in Denver is your launchpad to elevate your drone business. With preparation, a focused strategy, and an open mind, you'll return with an expanded network, valuable insights, and a clear path to growth. See you there!


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