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How Drone Service Providers (DSPs) Can Turbocharge Revenue for Roofing Companies

In today's competitive roofing market, offering the fastest, most accurate, and most client-impressing services is how businesses succeed. Drone technology has revolutionized the industry, and roofing companies that aren't utilizing it are falling behind. But for many roofers, building an in-house drone program is a significant investment. That's where strategic partnerships with drone service providers come in, empowering roofing companies to increase their profits while focusing on what they do best.

How Drone Services Drive Roofing Revenue

  • Lightning-Fast, Precise Estimates: Traditional roof inspections are slow, sometimes inaccurate, and even carry safety hazards. Drones eliminate these challenges. They quickly gather high-resolution imagery for detailed measurements. Roofing companies can then provide rock-solid estimates, winning over clients with their speed and reassuring them with data-backed project scope and costs.

  • Conquering Insurance Claim Disputes: Insurance companies often question roof damage claims, trying to minimize payouts. That's where drones shine. They provide unshakable evidence of damage extent and type. Roofing companies, armed with this indisputable data and professional reports, can confidently negotiate stronger claims on the property owner's behalf. This boosts their reputation and increases their success rate on projects.

  • Value-Added Services for Increased Revenue: Drone data's value goes beyond just repairs. It unlocks new revenue streams:

  • Thermal Imaging: Detecting energy inefficiencies attracts environmentally-aware clients and potentially leads to recommendations for better insulation or even solar panel installation.

  • Storm Damage Assessment: Identifying hidden weak points after severe weather allows proactive maintenance offers, preventing future leaks and costly repairs.

  • Marketing Power and Client WOW-Factor: Drones give roofing companies a tech-savvy image. Polished drone footage and reports impress clients and strengthen their trust. Happy clients lead to positive reviews and those ever-important referrals, a major driver of new business.

Why Outsource Drone Services to a Specialist?

Outsourcing drone operations offers significant advantages, especially for smaller and mid-sized roofing companies:

  • Specialized Expertise

  • Drone Piloting: Safe, legal drone operation requires FAA certification. Drone service providers carry this knowledge, removing the compliance burden.

  • Image Processing Software: Sophisticated 3D modeling and data extraction software is pricey. Outsourcing avoids this cost and the need to train staff on complex programs.

  • Data Interpretation: Experienced drone providers know how to spot crucial insights in the data, ensuring no revenue opportunity is missed.

  • Scalability

  • Seasonal Demand: Outsourcing lets you scale drone use up during peak times without owning equipment that sits unused for parts of the year.

  • Large Projects: Big commercial jobs can overwhelm an in-house team. Outsourcing ensures the capacity to handle these profitable projects without delays.

  • Geographic Expansion: You can quickly partner with a local drone provider in new territories, avoiding the expense of setting up your own flight ops in distant locations.

  • Focus on Core Business

  • Sales Mastery: Closing deals is a roofing company's lifeblood. Outsourcing drone work frees up your sales stars to do what they excel at.

  • Efficient Project Management: Outsourcing the data-gathering phase streamlines project planning for your team.

  • Strong Client Relationships: Free up valuable time for follow-ups, addressing additional needs, and nurturing those essential relationships for future referrals.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

  • Equipment Costs: High-quality drones and sensors come with a hefty price tag. Outsourcing eliminates this investment.

  • Training Expenses: Paying staff to obtain licenses, practice, and learn data analysis is costly. External providers remove this burden.

  • Hidden Overhead: In-house drone departments create additional administrative expenses – payroll, insurance, and equipment storage. Outsourcing eliminates these.

Important Note: While outsourcing makes sense for many roofing companies, carefully calculate the cost of ongoing drone service versus the potential long-term costs and limitations of always depending on a third party.


Partnering with a reputable drone service provider unlocks new revenue streams, optimizes workflows, and gives roofing companies a competitive edge. If you're ready to embrace the future of roofing, it's time to explore the power of outsourced drone operations.



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